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Emergency Light - Night Light -Utility Flashlight 3 in 1

Hotel – Energy Saving


•  Energy Saving = Money Saving : Based on our company research, over 90% of hotel guests preferred to turn on at least one light in the hotel room during the bed time. Most of the time is the bathroom light, which uses around 200 watts of power for 8 - 9 hours. Our Lite Saver night light is only using 1.5 watt (28 cents per month); and it will save your electric bill up to $20 - $25 per hotel room each month.

•  Simple Calculation: If your hotel has 200 rooms, and each room starts using our Lite Saver for night light. It will save you up to $60,000 per year and $300,000 for the next 5 years.

•  Why should we use Lite Saver not regular night light?: Lite Saver has “21 super bright LED bulbs” which are able to provide your guests an automatic light, that light up the entire room for 8 continuous hours, when sudden power outage caused by earthquake, tornado or snow storm…etc. So, your guests will be able to quickly pick up their important belongings like wallet, keys and cell phone, and then they can even take our Lite Saver with them to search for the emergency exit. Lite Saver also has a special "Power saving mode" feature that provides you with “1 Led light” which can last up to 144 hours - 12 nights. (Well prepared for major disaster). Perfect example – China earthquake – 800 sq miles without electricity .

•  Safe Product: Lite Saver is safe and environmental friendly. It operates by a rechargeable Li-ion battery and 22 super bright “Never Hot” LED light bulbs which can be used up to 27 years. The special design 3 rows LED can provide 180 degree coverage and stands by itself to provide the hands free convenience.

•  5 years Warranty: Because we have so much confidence on our Lite Saver , CS Power Corp. is offering a 5 years warranty on this product.

Start using Lite Saver today; you will be saving huge dollars immediately. Also, it will give your hotel guests a peace of mine when emergency occurs in your hotel. It shows that you care for them very much.

For samples, please contact Kenneth Ng at kennethng@calcellular.com or 626-288-8778 or 626-823-8108 .


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